January 4 2017

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Welcome to Poetry Home

of Truth, Confession and Compassion. Enjoy your stay in my Poetry Home

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Happy Reading.

I want to give a big 21 Second Hug for all of you reading my rhymes. I really appreciate each one of you. For me the personal approach is the most important and everyone matters in this world. I am sure all that read my stuff know what I mean. For all others start reading and welcome to our perfect world. Lets make this place better for all not only for ourselves.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 Wish You All Love Peace Prosperity and Health !!!

Hey Guys I have Recently Joined Steemit And I am Loving It Will Continue to post there for a while here is the feed you are all welcome to join me. God Bless You All. Big Loving Hugs.


I hope to engage as much people as I can during my stay here. I will be quite active so don’t be shy. Comment and reply to whatever suits you. I will respond.

If you want to be a part of our community you can also register as a member of the site. Make Poetry Home your favorite place to read and enjoy poetry.

7/10/2017***UPDATE******NEW**RELEASE**ON***KINDLE***ONLY $6,00


This book is about simple explanation of our complicated world.

A guide for the lost soul to find its path again.

It provides insights in the form of short poems.

Everyone who is interested in self development would benefit from this book.

The poetry book takes the reader on a poetic journey from the beginning to the end. As each poem fits exactly on place one after the other. The

book as a whole is a process of understanding yourself and the world around and inside you. It aims to explain simple forgotten truths for which

we are constantly ignorant.

The whole book is written in rhymes except About the Author part. Wish you nice time on your short 22 page soul journey. God Bless.

This is the first book of the series (Cleansing Poetry). Second Part to come out soon.

This is special type of poetry which I claim that cleanses the soul and balances the energies in your body. ( If the message is understood of course ).

The closest thing to my poetry I found is the Sufi poetry. Happy Reading.

6/8/2017 ***UPDATE***

Since yesterday I have found the Wodrpress Community and I am amazed how great are you guys.

Want to say Hi to all fellow Poets, Writers, Authors and Bloggers. It is a whole new world that I have discovered. Looking forward to read all of your nice work and get inspired as well. Thank you all for the likes and follows you have been exceptional !!!

P.S. Poetry Home

You can check my Twitter Micropoetry Archive 1500+ Micropoems : HERE

I am posting daily either poems, blog posts, micropoetry. Come back for more.

Right now I am working over a Micropoetry Book with working title:

“My best Micropoetry from Twitter” – “100 Tweets from the bird” Expect more Info soon.

I have big plans for this place as I intend to make it as social as I could. Want people to share their minds and help

each other through poetry compassion and love.

God Bless You

Lets begin our journey!!!

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Angel “Joyful” Veselinov