January 8 2017

My Poetic Life Story part 1

My Poetic Life Story

Part 1

I have started writing for fun
But now became my life mission
I am not going to run
I am making submissions

Lived all my life, marketing goods
now stopped this damn lie, going back to my roots

The story continues
now I write the outcome
Money are figures
making us lonesome

I was on top
now in search for the bottom
I’ll climb after the drop
I am not soft like cotton

To change the perception
for the meaning of life
To break the deception
to be on auto-drive

I will wake up
As many as I can
Global Mind  shift up
that is my Plan

All false Gods and Idols
I will expose
Not by reading the Bible
by writing you prose

One by one all will see
my words are here you to free

Free you all of all fears and affections
Fill you with love for all imperfections

All you need to do is follow what you love
Don’t you worry darling you’re guided from above

Feel the joy of the moment
Live trough pain and trough torment

Get all that you can
While having fun
Its easier to run
Instead a fighting a gun

Enough of this story
I am stopping for now
I will find my glory
Cause I just know-how

I thank you for reading
and welcome you back
When I am writing, I am breathing
When you’re not reading I am stuck.

Hope that you enjoyed that little piece if you did. Please comment below and give me your feedback. That is in case you want part 2 of course…

Best Wishes,

Truly Yours,

Angel “Joyful” Veselinov

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