May 4 2017

My HUG Journey

After I met  The HUG Doctor (Stone Kraushaar ) I was immediately sure that this is the right thing to do next. So Me and my wife watched all videos of the Doctor on Youtube

Straight after that we knew we have to start our 21 Day Hug Journey as the Hug Doctor advised. The one thing that we had to do is only hug each other genuinely and organic. Also we had to do it for at least 21 seconds without withdrawing as that is when the magic happens. The hormone of bliss and happiness starts manifesting in your body. So It Begun:

Day 1

After I drove my daughter to kindergarten I went back home to drink the morning coffee with my wife. After I got in I wanted to give her a hug. It appeared that she needed one as well. (We watched videos the previous night and knew how to do it and we had the right mindset which is the most important to have no expectations just let it happen.)

So we had our first conscious more than 21 seconds  hug which made us change our worlds.

It is hard to explain what we felt and experienced as we are connected for long time but this time we were able to reach deeper insights about each other and our connection.

As each 21secondhug is strictly individual I hope you understand what I am saying after you complete your first conscious hug. It has been a pleasure to share this experience with you. I hope to see you again as I will post more of our progress here and I will continue to give you more information on our process.

Even after the first day we feel that the program is already working and I have already had the urge to hug many people. I am just not brave enough to go and ask yet. I am sure this time will come soon. God Bless.

Day 2-5

Those three days of our journey passed quite fast. As the process now has been started. We were more consciously happy and understanding. Also we got quite ill both of us and we thought that with transformation comes illness. As it is common when the eternal body ascends that gives some troubles to the material one. So finally on the fifth day of our journey we felt alright and ready to move on with everyday life.

Day 5-8

My #21HUGJourney
is like an epic tourney
Release fear and sadness
Start living with kindness
After the finish you win
The fight with you ego within

That is how I can describe the past three days. I was a bit Ill as well but the flu passed away quite fast after couple of HUGS 🙂 I also met many people on twitter who enjoy the HUG and are fans since they have been little. Believe me those people I met they all are exceptional persons. I will share some stories later in the blog probably. That is for now I give you a BIG Virtual Hug.