May 5 2017

Hugging Strangers

Take it one hug at a time

While you reading this rhyme

You feel much more alive

When In hugging you dive

Hugging strangers sounds insane

don’t you want to release the pain

Hug and free yourself of all

That was making your free fall

While you’re hugging and connecting

your inner self you are perfecting

Soon enough you understand

What you want and where you stand

It is hard now to explain

better try later to complain

There are no side effects

Hugging empathy perfects


Thank you for reading!

I wanted to share with you this piece as it came out on the first day of my 21 Days Hugging journey and beyond.

It is amazing how precisely it describes how I felt that day. I truly believe that you can feel the same if you start your own journey as well. God Bless you. Enjoy.I give you a gigantic Virtual Hug of Lightness and Peace. Love you all. Be Blessed. Hugging strangers. I hope to inspire more people to start on this journey. You should consider it strongly as I guarantee you will feel much better after it. God Bless.

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