January 7 2017

The Beginning


At the beginning it was hard

To believe it from the start

Than things just changed

So easy arranged

Was it because of you

And the things that you do

It was easy I know

When you want just to show

How to enjoy live

How bravely to dive

Into all that is there

To be always prepared

To engage all new things

And enjoyment they bring

To fulfill your own role

To be free once again

To regain your control

To be able to gain

All the things that are coming

Are already here

Don’t you think it is boring

If it all now appear

By Angel Veselinov


Thank you all. This is the first piece in the Site. I hope you like it. The beginning is now. 🙂 Use the comments section if you have something on your mind to share. God Bless. I hope to deliver much more poetry from now on. As I will concentrate on working on this website in the future. I hope you enjoy the free poetry and gain good moments.

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