May 26 2017

Ultimate Life Guide

Ultimate Life Guide Poem

This is you ultimate life guide

Just read and learn how to ride

Your fortune and luck

so you never be stuck

Be always kind and sincere

When other people are near

Don’t forget where you came from

Someday you will have to come

Come back to your roots

When you need your demons to shoot

Than go back to your fate

You are destined to be great

Keep always close your family and friends

Life is short you never know when it ends

Be humble and gracious for all that you have

Don’t mumble in front the ones that you Love

Always tell everything the way that it feels

This is the way to understand what is real

Help yourself than help all others

Show this world that people still bother

This Ultimate Life Guide will continue

If you want me to put more in the menu

By Angel Veselinov

P.S. The Ultimate Life Guide Part 1

Hey all thank you for reading. Enjoy my new piece which I think should be your real guide in life. Well at least it is part of mine. God Bless you and wish you all great times reading my rhymes. Please Comment and Share this piece if you liked it. I would love to receive more feedback from you guys. Big Hugs and Love. Angel.

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May 23 2017

Fear of The Dark

Fear of the dark

There is nothing if there’s spark

Of hope and light in space

To find your favorite place

You know what’s coming next

There is another test

To see if you would fail

In my harbor you to sail

I will provide you guidance

I don’t search for your obedience

Be patient in your actionst

Consider all attractions

Soon results will come

if you be persistent

You know you’re the one

your talent is existent

No matter what you hear

Don’t ever trust the fear

Be brave follow your gut

Don’t doubt yourself don’t “But”

The final destination is to be revealed

Now this situation did help your soul to heal

If you’re to be the one and only

Be careful now not to be lonely

P.S. Fear of The Dark

Thank you for reading. Enjoy. Another one of my originals just came down to earth. Comment and Share please so this reaches as much people as it can. I hope I don’t offend anyone with my work. It is all poetry after all. So anyways if anyone felt offended please accept my apologies. Wish you all nice reading my other poems. God Bless.

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May 20 2017

Today’s News

Today’s News are a bit strange

Nothing seem ever to change

Only killing robbery and theft

Is that all that humanity have left

We don’t believe in this propaganda

It is clear that before it was better ask Grandma

Before all this mass media production

Making such informativeness polution

But now we have other means of control

We can check anyone time flow

This way we filter all that is trash

This help us to treasure more moments to stash

Before we conclude our emission for today

I have only one thing to say

Be blessed believe and don’t you deceive

The truth will find all that want to perceive

In the last minute there is time for some sport

The weather is perfect there are no storms

So lets go and watch our favorite game

There are so many people will be doing the same

By Angel Veselinov

Thank you for reading the Poetric Today’s News. Comment and Share Please if you find them interesting. God Bless you all. Wish you wonderful day. Lets start spreading more positive than negative this way the cup is half full not half empty. My message for you all is don’t be bothered by all that negative talk and scenes. There other places where great things happen. Don’t be ignorant but at the same time save your mind because it is only one that you have. Be Brave.

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May 20 2017

Free Poetry

Free Poetry I give

Yes with poetry I live

I just want to spread the word

There is a way to heal this world

It is really simple solution

We need to start new Love revolution

Forget about all hate envy and greed

Without them we will succeed

Start giving everyone example

Of my poetic Love sample

Never be negative in any way

Your thoughts words and actions

Are here to stay

No matter what others say and do

Be sure it is always you

Who knows what’s doing

Be careful when backwards you’re moving

Enjoy every moment of life and of death

Embrace calmness and peace until your last breath

To learn and to change our habits and morals

It is not so strange that we are just mortals

By Angel Veselinov

P.S. Free Poetry

Thank you for reading. I hope you like my new poem. I really enjoyed it. Leave a comment and share it to the world if you like it. You can also ask me to write something on a specific topic If you’re interested in my opinion of course. Wish you all great stay and enjoy reading more poetry.

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