May 7 2017

How I write so much

Do you know how I write so much.

It is given to me others to touch.

I am true in my intentions

to make people believe

To give them comprehension

To make the all lies perceive

When the time comes all will be ready

Now I write rhymes to spread my words steady

Why don’t you see what is to come

Continue to flee from your favorite ones

Don’t need aggression for violence or peace

There is only suppression of fear now please

Forgive all mistakes you already did

You’ve got what it takes to make changes now kid

Just act with compassion be thankful for once

My favorite passion is to be in that stance

When you have a mission so gracious indeed

Spread you true vision show what you did

Give all right example don’t only pretend

Don’t show only sample of being a friend

I hope I explained enough for today

But did you complain was it ok

Could you take my advice try to be like myself

Did it come by surprise when the pen writes himself

By Angel Veselinov


I hope that you got what I had to say in that poem. For all that did I wish you happy writing because this always works. For the others guys and gals keep reading this until you get what I am saying. You will thank me later.

This poem came so I can explain how I write so much micropoetry in Twitter. It came just in time close for the celebration of my 2000 tweet and more than 1500++ micropoems posted. Let Micropoetry Lives.!!!

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