May 27 2017

Lost in Darkness

Lost in darkness used to be

Until the light did set me free

Now I have only one quest

To give you examples best

I give what I have been given

I live this life forgivin

To everyone and everything

Second chances I can bring

You just need to ask for it

Embrace the light and don’t you quit

Keep going till the end

Spread the Love around my friend

Show them all how they should be

Live you life and led it be

Your reality will multiply

Love will never die

By Angel Veselinov

P.S. Lost in Darkness

Hey all thank you for reading. I was once at this dark place and got out. You can do it too. Comment and Share with your friends so I can touch more people with my poetry. It has been a real pleasure for me to deliver daily poetry for you guys. Expect more to come and spread the word. This is the beginning. Thank You so much for your support. God Bless. If you want check out my Micropoetry Archive there are 1500+ poems there and counting. Take Care.

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May 24 2017

Do you like it here

Do you like it here

When poetic love appear

Are you waiting

for more to be created

I just want you to feel fine

Forget about all silly lines

Boundaries that you put yourself

Now its time to trust my say

Do you like it here

when you read you’re near

My consciousness and soul

I give you with my flow

I am giving you example

of my free loving sample

You got to trust me now

I love you truly all

By Angel Veselinov

P.S. Do you like it here

Hey thank you for reading. It really makes me happy when you read my stuff. So do you like it here guys and gals? I hope you do. I really mean what I have written and think that my poetry can help you feel better and release some negative emotions vibes and energies. Feel free to do that by reading more of my stuff. Please share and comment if you like what you read so It can reach more happy readers like yourself. I love you all. God Bless you. May the light always shine on your path. Yours Angel.


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Category: Poetry | LEAVE A COMMENT