May 21 2017

Some Things Never Change

Some things never change

Does it seem so strange

It is the natural way

For all that is here to stay

There is a day and a night

There is a peace and way of the fight

Everything is in balance with all

Nature and creatures together in now

Don’t ask how or why

just listen now and don’t cry

Much better to listen when others are talking

No matter where are you beware when you’re walking

Some things never change

Like the plus and the minus

They are close but in different range

People believe change is a must

How can we change when we cannot trust

Not brother or sister not even your father

It is hard to live not trusting your mother

Some things never change

No matter what

But I can arrange

Whatever you want

By Angel Joyful

P.S. Some things never change

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my last piece. I hope you enjoy my new content. If you have any wishes and suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me. Please comment and share it with your friends if you like it. I appreciate all the support you show and give. Thank you once again. For more poetry : Click Here

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May 12 2017

Last Friday Poetic Story

Last Friday poetic story with my boys

We were searching for new toys

First we tried to blow some steam

Later watching soccer team

Drinking anything except water

All night our minds to alter

Was so epic Friday party

We reconnected back with Shorty

It is good we all remember

What did happen with each member

Everyone had so much fun

We were watching rising sun

Talking with so many people

Sharing memories and stories

Was a fun night for all people

We did not have any worries

If you don’t believe us now

Ask Last Friday Poetic story show

By Angel Veselinov

P.S. Last Friday Poetic Story

Thank you all for reading. This Last Friday Poetic Story was inspired by a reunion of friends after long time no see. Hope you enjoy and learn to party like us. God Bless. I give you Big Hugs. Please comment if you enjoyed it. I would love to interact with all my readers don’t be shy open up. I really want to talk with everyone who likes my stuff as I think he or she really is on a great spiritual path right now. God Bless.

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Category: Poetry | LEAVE A COMMENT