June 9 2017

You Have To Be Persistent

You have to be persistent

You have to be persistent

or you’ll be non existent

No matter what you do

its better than nothing

It all comes back to you

whatever you were plotting

so beware of your own choices

even if you listen to different voices

The decisions are yours to be taken

But promises should be never forsaken

By Angel Veselinov

P.S. You Have To Be Persistent

Thank you for reading. Comment Share Like. Enjoy your stay. God Bless. I hope you enjoy my persistence. I am aiming to continue the never ending poetry as much as I can.

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May 21 2017

Some Things Never Change

Some things never change

Does it seem so strange

It is the natural way

For all that is here to stay

There is a day and a night

There is a peace and way of the fight

Everything is in balance with all

Nature and creatures together in now

Don’t ask how or why

just listen now and don’t cry

Much better to listen when others are talking

No matter where are you beware when you’re walking

Some things never change

Like the plus and the minus

They are close but in different range

People believe change is a must

How can we change when we cannot trust

Not brother or sister not even your father

It is hard to live not trusting your mother

Some things never change

No matter what

But I can arrange

Whatever you want

By Angel Joyful

P.S. Some things never change

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May 20 2017

Free Poetry

Free Poetry I give

Yes with poetry I live

I just want to spread the word

There is a way to heal this world

It is really simple solution

We need to start new Love revolution

Forget about all hate envy and greed

Without them we will succeed

Start giving everyone example

Of my poetic Love sample

Never be negative in any way

Your thoughts words and actions

Are here to stay

No matter what others say and do

Be sure it is always you

Who knows what’s doing

Be careful when backwards you’re moving

Enjoy every moment of life and of death

Embrace calmness and peace until your last breath

To learn and to change our habits and morals

It is not so strange that we are just mortals

By Angel Veselinov

P.S. Free Poetry

Thank you for reading. I hope you like my new poem. I really enjoyed it. Leave a comment and share it to the world if you like it. You can also ask me to write something on a specific topic If you’re interested in my opinion of course. Wish you all great stay and enjoy reading more poetry.

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May 11 2017

Be Thankful

Be thankful for all even the bad

I know what I am talking I am not even mad

All in this life happens for a reason

So don’t do any treason

All actions have consequences

So don’t ever be senseless

Embrace what you have

Give it all your Love

This way life will be enjoyment

You will forget about old torments

Give a Hug to your anger and pain

Embrace those feelings to explain

All that you feel

For forgiveness now you kneel

Be thankful in death

Live your life like its your last breath

Enjoy every second

But keep your balance I recon

When you feel your time is over

Don’t be scared taking a cover

Be a man and stand up

Life and Death will never give up

By Angel Veselinov

P.S. Be Thankful

Thank you for reading. I am thankful for all. Are you? Leave a comment and share if you like. Don’t keep all for yourself. You can also donate anything you consider appropriate for my work as I don’t charge for it as you already know. Any amount would feel good as it will make my countless hours of work more meaningful in terms of some income.  God Bless. Go Back Reading more poetry HERE

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May 7 2017

How I write so much

Do you know how I write so much.

It is given to me others to touch.

I am true in my intentions

to make people believe

To give them comprehension

To make the all lies perceive

When the time comes all will be ready

Now I write rhymes to spread my words steady

Why don’t you see what is to come

Continue to flee from your favorite ones

Don’t need aggression for violence or peace

There is only suppression of fear now please

Forgive all mistakes you already did

You’ve got what it takes to make changes now kid

Just act with compassion be thankful for once

My favorite passion is to be in that stance

When you have a mission so gracious indeed

Spread you true vision show what you did

Give all right example don’t only pretend

Don’t show only sample of being a friend

I hope I explained enough for today

But did you complain was it ok

Could you take my advice try to be like myself

Did it come by surprise when the pen writes himself

By Angel Veselinov


I hope that you got what I had to say in that poem. For all that did I wish you happy writing because this always works. For the others guys and gals keep reading this until you get what I am saying. You will thank me later.

This poem came so I can explain how I write so much micropoetry in Twitter. It came just in time close for the celebration of my 2000 tweet and more than 1500++ micropoems posted. Let Micropoetry Lives.!!!

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