June 8 2017

The Greed The Need How do We Feed

The Greed The Need How Do we Feed

The Greed the need How do we feed

That is a question complete

What is the answer you ask

Presenting this truth is my favorite task

The greed is a need

when someone succeed

He just cannot stop

More items to shop

The need is for all

It is universal

No one would call

If it’s not controversial

How do we feed

What is the best meal

Not only emotions we need

We need full belly to feel

Did you get all you need

Did you release all the greed

If you still want with this to feed

Than you are not my breed

By Angel Veselinov

P.S. The Greed the need How do we feed

Thank you for reading you all. Today’s piece really continues where we left off yesterday hope you enjoy it. Well it was also inspired by some of the poems I read earlier into the wordpress feed. There is so much to read I am happy that I found this resource. If you want feel free to check out my Micropoetry Archive Click Here.


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