June 7 2017

What do you know

What Do You Know Hand

What do you know

Do you want to show

Or you’re always near

To start but this fear

Stops you my dear

To me it is clear

all that appear

Will soon tear

Like the shirt you wear

Then it all starts again

You have new life to obtain

Observe several options

Than get your soul in line for adoption

Come back again here to learn

How to live eat drink than return

Go through all the emotions

To figure out your devotions

To break this cycle you must

In our only GOD to believe and trust

By Angel Veselinov

P.S. What Do You Know

Hey thank you for reading. I really love this piece I don’t know about you but this is my favorite one by far for now. Hope you share my opinion although its a little bias. Comment, Share and Like to spread the word. Come back for daily poetry. I try to keep up with the pace and make at least one poem a day for ya. Wish you all nice time reading my works. I have got many upcoming projects coming I really think that you will like them. Until then keep reading. God Bless!!!

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Posted June 7, 2017 by angel in category "Poetry

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  1. By lynn__ on

    I read it as God will adopt any of us, clear our confusion and give us true identity!

    1. By angel (Post author) on

      Well you got it right… I really do believe that… I hope more people will see it as well in the future. At least there is still hope for our kids…


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